The Toolbox offers a model. A different way of teaching!


The Toolbox is an inexhaustible source of inter-connected resources to transfer and transmit the teachings of the practice of Yoga to the little ones.

Those qualified Yoga Teachers will find here Material to create original classes, fun and full of teachings and benefits.

They will thus obtain a comprehensive Dossier collecting all the downloads of PDF files that will expand their Training.

It is not a substitute for a Child Yoga Training, but it IS a valuable Complement with very valuable Resources!

Our classes are stories that are based on different themes:

"A Day at the Farm" - "Boat Trip" - "Safari in Africa" - "Spring" - "Life in the Forest" - "Toys" - "Movies" - "Antarctica" - "Yogis Chef" - " The Arts "- "Dinosaurs" - "Camping in the Mountains" - "Sports" - "Swamp" - "The Yoga ABC" - AND AN ENDLESS THEMES ...

The sequences have a Theme from which the class begins so that the children can relate the environment where they live or that they know with the movement of their own body. Sometimes the subject has occurred in school and it is through the body that we fix knowledge, others instead, being new or unknown; offers new learning.

The class becomes a story, story or thematic trip. The different parts of the class adapt to the theme to enrich it: a Game, a Breathing Technique and the Final Relaxation.



Example MONTH 1

EACH CLASS IS UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT! During the year the boy or girl will learn a content that we organize and bring it progressively available.

We plan the year taking into account:

  • POSES (Asanas) : from easiest to most difficult.
  • INTERNATIONAL DAYS (such as Health Day, Ocean Day, Happiness Day, Nature Day, etc.) as they offer the theme of the class.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and VALUES: Every month we speak, learn and work on a Value or an Emotion.
  • And many more variants … 


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